Kid’s Day Party: September 10, 2018

For the fifth year in a row, we at Club A watched how our community came together to make sure that 60 underprivileged kids in our afterschool program had a spectacular “Kid’s Day” celebration. Kid’s Day is celebrated every year in Costa Rica. The schools have special activity-days, and parents spoil their kids a little more with gifts or treats. At Club A, we traditionally have a big party for the kids to make sure they feel special.

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This year’s party was a huge success! Our two amazing organizers, Dayana Alvarado and Daniela Alvarado, put an announcement on Facebook to ask for help, and people appeared out of nowhere to donate food, candy, piñatas, cupcakes, gifts, transportation, music, entertainment, and funds for the party. More than 30 volunteers ran the party, which meant painting faces, leading fun activities, serving food and ice-cream, and providing entertainment.

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We really appreciated all the English teachers and Spanish and English students from Instituto Estelar Bilingüe, a local language school, who came to help. The Institute also served as the headquarters for planning the party. A local cakestore called Ekacakes donated delicious and very beautiful cupcakes and decorations. The national university, UNA, sent a group of circus performers called CIR-UNA to wow the kids with their tricks on stilts and juggling. Their show was interactive and entertaining! We really loved the activity run by a local clown, Daiana Carvajal, because she got all of the volunteers involved playing with the kids. It was a blast! The party bags which we later filled with fruit were created by Blueberry, a local artist, and the music was provided by Show Dreams, a local DJ who regularly collaborates with Club A. Other companies that contributed were OVA Logistics, Copy Texo Bambu, Diana Decoraciones y Eventos, Clinica Salud Integral (Dra. Ericka Miranda), and Offi Tours.

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When so many people come together to collaborate, you have to appreciate the beauty of humanity! Every child needs love and hope, and when people work together to do special things for kids, it’s beyond heart-warming.