We are always looking for volunteers to help us each week. Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience, particularly when volunteers are able to participate every week because they really get to know the kids. However, we require no commitment and appreciate anyone who can come once or more to work (or play!) with our fabulous kids. Volunteers will help give the snack to the kids and then run the activity stations for speaking English, reading or writing Spanish, and math. We plan the activities, and they are easy and fun to run because we divide the kids into two groups of 10-25 kids (depending on how many kids come) and rotate the groups every 20 minutes to the different stations. We have 80 kids aged 5 to 13 in the program, but they do not usually all come each week due to the varying school schedules in Costa Rica. Sometimes we have the priviledge of receiving guests to the Club, such as local yoga instructors, nurses and doctors, firefighters, police officers, and other kind-hearted people who want to interact with the kids and share their knowledge. We enthusiastically welcome anyone who wants to lead a talk, activity, or demonstration for purpose of educating the kids and giving them new experiences!

How To Get Involved!

Volunteers meet at Instituto Estelar every Tuesday at 2:45 pm, where transportation to and from the children’s neighborhood is provided. We usually return around 4:30 pm. It is helpful if you can confirm your attendance with our receptionist at Instituto Estelar, or contact us at Info@clubacr.com or via Facebook so that we know you are coming. We also need volunteers to help prepare the healthy snacks each week, and we love it when volunteers want to plan an activity or two to do at the club!

Events & Field Trips

We aim to plan field trips for the kids at least once every trimester as a reward for kids with excellent attendance and participation. We have gone to animal sanctuaries, zoos, the children’s museum in San Jose, local farms, the Liberia stadium to watch soccer games, and more. The trips are a great chance for our kids to do things they would not be able to do otherwise. Getting out of their neighborhood helps them experience new things, open their minds to broader possibilities for their lives, and have fun with their peers. As with our weekly club, volunteers are always welcome to join us on any special party, event, or excursion.