Tribute to Club A Volunteers

Whenever I have one of those days where I lose faith in people and feel negative about the world, I remember what I’ve learned in volunteering at Club A in Liberia, Costa Rica. I’ve seen people give their time and money to love and help the underpriviledged kids in Club A’s afterschool club in a marginalized neighborhood in Liberia, Costa Rica. The club is in its 5th year and has 80 kids. I’ve watched how the kids respond to this much-needed attention with pure appreciation, no shortage of hugs and smiles. The kids eagerly participate in the educational activities at Club A each week. We rarely have behavior issues, and these are 5-to-12 year olds!

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The volunteers are really special people. We have a handful of regular local Costa Rican volunteers, and we also receive a steady flow of international volunteers from a local language school, Instituto Estelar Bilingüe. The combination of locals and foreigners is really great for the kids. The locals demonstrate care and concern for the less-fortunate kids of their country without expecting anything in return. These people volunteer week after week, and they become like family to the kids, learning their names and learning each kids’ weaknesses in order to help them improve. The foreigners help expose the kids to new places and possibilities, which adds an exotic element to the club. The foreigners, who are usually studying Spanish at Estelar, go home with a different, truly authentic Costa Rican experience that was meaningful and heart-touching. They may never know the impact they had on the kids…but they feel the impact of the kids on them!

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Club A focuses on helping kids be successful in school by providing a weekly afterschool club to practice basic math, reading and writing Spanish, and speaking English through dynamic, fun activities. The club recognizes that these kids usually lack a space to study in their homes, support from their families to finish school, and a level of self-worth that motivates them to go for their dreams. Club A is 100% run by volunteers, which is why we appreciate them so much!

If you would like to support Club A, you can sponsor a child by visiting this page on our website, or you can volunteer for free! You can also write to us at