A Special Day with UNA Students!

Club A is always happy to work with other organizations that share our vision of helping underpriviledged kids rise out of their economic situation and have bright futures through education. Recently, we were approached by a class of students from the Liberia campus of the national university, UNA, who are studying to be English teachers. They requested to collaborate with Club A in order to complete a final project. We said YES, YES, YES!

UNA with Club A 20oct2018 (4)

On Saturday, October 20, from 9 to 11am, approximately 30 UNA students led activities with 50 Club A kids. Club A normally takes place on Thursdays, so this was a special Club A meeting. At the request of the UNA students, the leaders of Club A invited kids from ages 10 to 15. The first activity was for each person, starting with the kids and finishing with the volunteers, to say their name, age, and what they want (or wanted) to be when they grow up.

una club a

It was beautiful to hear what the kids want to be: doctors, veterinarians, soccer players, singers, dancers, lawyers, etc. Then it was inspiring to hear what the volunteers wanted to be when they were young…and what they are now pursuing as their careers. After this activity, the future English teachers did a variety of fun activities in smaller groups to practice English and build self-confidence.

UNA with Club A 20oct2018 (2)UNA with Club A 20oct2018 (3)







A great time was had by all, and we really appreciate the time and efforts of these special volunteers. We hope to see them again soon.

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