About US

Club A is a non-profit organization that seeks to work with kids on a weekly basis to help them succeed in school. By helping kids improve their academic level and teaching them about being responsible citizens, we hope they will have bright futures and improve their economic situation.

Club A started in June 2014 by five women who saw a need in a nearby impoverished community to help kids do well in school. The neighborhood does not have running water and is one of the poorest in Costa Rica. Believing strongly in the power of education to reduce poverty, Club A’s founders felt that it wasn’t enough to give the kids school supplies, uniforms, and shoes because they wondered, “Who will help the kids do their homework and study now that they have the required items to attend school?” Afterall, many of the kids’ parents cannot read and struggle to feed their large families. They decided to establish a weekly after-school club to specifically help kids with their basic math and language skills (reading and writing Spanish). They also wanted to teach the kids English, the language that all the best-paying jobs require in Costa Rica. Additionally, they have monthly life-skill themes, such as being honest, responsible, helpful, law-abiding citizens.

Today, Club A has 80 kids, ages 5 to 13, enrolled in the program, all of whom must show proof of enrollment in school in order to sign up for Club A. In order to stay in the Club, the kids must have excellent behavior and attendance. Club A is completely run by volunteers and has no paid staff.

Club A takes place every Tuesday afternoon at the neighborhood’s community center. There, the kids rotate through two or three volunteer-led stations on basic math, Spanish language skills, and English. Some of the volunteers are native English speakers who use games, songs, and other activities to help the kids learn quickly. The Club always ends with a group photo and snack for them to take home.


We hope to expand Club A to include even more at-risk kids. In fact, there are approximately 100 kids on the waiting list to join Club A. Your support is immensely helpful to us! Club A volunteers, both Spanish- and English-speaking, are caring people who genuinely enjoy helping these children. Anyone living in or traveling through Costa Rica can volunteer to help with planning, preparation, activities, and events for Club A. Visit our Volunteer page or contact us at info@clubacr.com to find out how you can get involved!


A little money goes a long way in Club A. We make sure that each student gets a healthy snack and drink before educational activities and English lessons. We also help provide students with school supplies, fun excursions, festivities, and gifts at Christmas time. Your support can help brighten these children’s lives and every donation helps. Click here to donate!

For more information on Club A, please head to our Facebook page.